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Ezenwa is a PhD student at the School of Law and Social Sciences, Royal Holloway, University of London. His research and teaching interests are in the broad areas of political sociology, African politics, non-state conflict and global governance. Within these areas, his core interests lie in West African politics, eco-violence, forced migration, trans-border terrorism, and qualitative methods. He is currently researching the i...

Sarah Polani’s doctoral explores how governance impacts subjective well-being in developing countries. Her work builds on previous studies (e.g., Helliwell & Huang 2008) which report an insignificant impact of democratic governance on subjective wellbeing, a positive effect of technocratic governance, and a negative effect of corruption. She specifically looks at the case of Pakistan and analyses how institutions impact the li...

Zhamilya is a PhD student in Public Policy and her doctoral dissertation focuses on the factors affecting higher education spending decisions in OECD countries. She is also interested in studying political violence and conflict mitigation in developing countries.

This project expands on findings of several recent studies (Justino and Martorano 2018, Singh, Bodea, and Higashijima 2014, Taydas and Peksen 2012) which report that i...

Emmanuel's doctoral research explores the extent of agency Africa enjoys in its foreign policy-making in the post-cold war era.

He concentrates on west Africa, and Ghana is his cardinal case. He compare Nkrumah’s post-independence era and the fourth republic; unravelling the social, political, economic contexts and variables that can explain the respective foreign policy orientations. The intention is to contribute to the broad...

Moudwe's doctoral thesis explores identity and politics of recognition in the making of the state in Chad.

He looks specifically at how military interventions, in Mali and Nigeria, have provided an opportunity to the elites in Chad to reconceive their idea of statehood, and how they have engaged the population with that idea.

Prior to joining Royal Holloway, Moudwe was a teaching fellow at the University of Doba, a public resear...

Edmilson's doctoral research compares how African publics and elites understand China’s engagement with Africa. He uses Angola as a case study.

China’s increasing involvement in Africa during the past decade is one of the most controversial and hotly debated issues in the region. Some argue that China has brought significant economic and political opportunities to the continent with large investment and infrastructure...

In looking at the broader themes of development, democracy and digital media in postcolonial African states, Kuziwa's study will look specifically at the fast-paced growth of mobile smart phone usage in Zimbabwe to access social media and enhance citizen engagement.

Her research aims to analyse Mamdani’s bifurcated state model which suggests that we live in a binary world consisting of ‘citizens’ and ‘subjects’, and particula...

Aditi's research explores issues of identity-politics, secularism, notions of nationhood and nationalism, and the issue of ownership in the context of Indian classical music relative to post-1991 economic liberalisation and globalisation in India.

Since India's freedom struggle, Indian classical music has been considered integral to Indian culture, increasingly defined in Hindu terms.

Although believed to have Hindu origins, Ind...

After a decade of field experience working with youth in conflicted societies throughout the Middle East and North Africa, Patrick is pursuing a multi-year research study exploring the efficacy of multilateral development programming in the Gaza Strip and its correlation to political violence.  In particular, Patrick is focused on investigating the relevance of one of the most expensive development initiatives in conflict sett...

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