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Deputy Director

Antara Datta is a lecturer in International Relations at Royal Holloway and deputy director of AAME.


Antara's first book, Refugees and Borders in South Asia: The Great Exodus of 1971, was published by Routledge in 2012 and engages with the aftermath of the process of decolonisation and uses the war of 1971 to examine the creation of 'affective' and 'effective' borders in South Asia, the subjectivity of minorities, as well as changing ideas about citizenship within South Asia that move beyond the familiar paradigms of region and religion.


Her current research looks at the link between border crossers and the creation of ideas about nationality and citizenship in South Asia.


In particular she is interested in the expulsion of the Indian diaspora from Burma and Uganda as well as the presence of European refugees in India after WWII.


A separate strand of her research examines the manner in which the Indian state has attempted to open up multiple possibilities of belonging for Non Resident Indians.

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